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An electric skillet is much the same as a regular skillet, with the major difference being that it can cook food without a stovetop. All you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet. The biggest advantage of an electric skillet over a normal skillet is that it provides an evenly heated cooking surface, unlike normal skillets.

If you are on the lookout for one of these, then you have come to the right place. Below we bring your reviews of the top 10 best electric skillets on the market. They are, therefore, fit for numerous purposes that range from making Chinese cuisine to stir-frying. Read on for more details.

TL;DR Best Electric Skillet On The Market

Given the high number of electric skillets on the market, competition for the top positions is shaping into a battle of the titans with every manufacturer working tirelessly to out-muscle their competitions. After a thorough research, here are the best skillets

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Elite Cuisine EFS-400 Maxi-Matic 7-Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid, Black

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NESCO ES-08, Electric Skillet, Black, 8 inch, 1800 watts

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$23.75 $36.99
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Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

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$24.88 $39.99
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Aroma Housewares ASP-137 3-Quart/10-inch 3-in-1 Super Pot with Grill Plate, White/Black

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$29.90 $59.98
in stock

Elite Platinum EG-6203 Non-stick Deep Dish Heavy Duty Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass Vented Lid and Easy-Pour Spout, Dishwasher Safe,...

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$35.92 $76.99
in stock

De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid 16" x 12" Black

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$39.00 $69.99
in stock

Oster Electric Skillet, 16 Inch, Black/Stainless Steel (CKSTSKFM05)

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$48.90 $49.99
in stock

BELLA (14607) 12 x 12 Inch Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating, 1200 Watts Immersible Non-Stick Multipurpose Skillet with Tempered...

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out of stock

Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d'Expert 1350-Watt Electric Skillet

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$143.49 $191.00
in stock

Cuisinart CSK-250WS GreenGourmet 14-Inch Nonstick Electric Skillet

out of stock
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Considerations When Choosing Electric Skillets

The most important factors to pay attention to when choosing an electric skillet are size and temperature. You want to make sure that the unit you choose is large enough to accommodate the foods you want to cook. If you’re only going to use it make the occasional meal for yourself, you can get by with a compact unit, but if you’re going to be making meals for the whole family, you’ll need something larger. You also have to think about how much room you have for storing the electric skillet when it isn’t in use.

Most electric skillets can heat up to at least 400°F, which should be more than adequate for most cooking tasks. If you plan on using your skillet for frying, you’ll need one that can reach 450°F.

Features To Look For In Electric Skillets

Size & Shape – The size and shape of your electric frying pan will determine what kind of food you can make and how much of it. The larger the pan, the more versatile your options and if you have a large household, then a large skillet is a must. It will also contribute to how easy it is to store when you’re not using it.

Coating – Non-stick coating is a must for skillets – and also any type of kitchen pans. This surface makes cleaning easier and will also prevent your food from getting stuck on the pan itself, which could ruin future meals.

Temperature Control – The temperature control on skillets varies. Sometimes, it’s separated into Low, Medium, High, and other times it’s done through numbers, either showing the actual temperature (100, 200, etc) or from 1 – 5. With these numbers, you have great control over your cooking, which is helpful when preparing large meals, but the other option can work just as well once you get used to it.

Lid & Handles – You’ll find skillets with either stainless steel or tempered glass lids which both have their benefits that include keeping food warm, as well as having air vents that allow steam to escape. As for handles, the best electric skillets will use cool-touch handles, which prevent injury and allow you to carry them from the kitchen to table once the food is ready.

Drainage Sprouts – Drainage spouts are incredibly useful for preventing grease, oil, and other juices doing down the drain as well as making your cleaning much easier. However, if you do purchase a skillet with a drain spout, be sure to clean it along with the rest of the skillet, so there’s no grease build up around the exit hole. If this isn’t taken care of, the spout will become clogged which you don’t want to happen.

Side Measures – You might not need them every single time, but side measures can help you majorly when pouring in liquid for large-scale meals. If you’re planning on using the skillet as more than just something to fry up your dinner, then side measures will be essential.

Durability – In an ideal world, everything we purchased would last forever. We aren’t in a perfect world, though, and so finding a product that is durable isn’t just an example of its quality but will also save you lots of money in the long run. Of course, you can’t always tell how durable a product is, so be sure to do your research beforehand and save yourself from buying a new skillet every year, or even sooner.

Ease of Cleaning – Nobody likes doing the dishes, and so the ease of cleaning your skillet could become a factor. Some skillets are immersible, with all parts protected, and some are even dishwasher safe. However, some are not.

Best Electric Skillet Reviews

Decided to go with electric skillet for your kitchen?

When looking for the top 10 best electric skillet reviews, caution has to be exercised. Of course, none of us wants to spend their hard-earned cash on meat only for it to be turned into charcoal by a poorly-performing grill. That’s why we have help you prepare a comprehensive electric skillet reviews for you!

Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet

The Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet, 8-inch is made by the Metal Ware Corporation. This is a privately owned company that deals with the manufacture and importation of small electrics. It has very well established product lines such as the dehydrators and the roasters. It is a corporation known by its high-quality products that rarely disappoint its customers.

Whether you are a student, a couple, single or a traveler, this electric skillet will work perfectly for you to ensure that your food is well cooked and as tasty as ever. If you are not looking for something that is too big, this size is perfect. You can cook a small chicken in it too because it has a deep interior. It also allows you to cook more food than you thought possible. Its shape and design make it the perfect choice for any home whether big or small.

Sometimes, while most skillets allow you to adjust the temperature, they are too complicated to use. The frustration really intensifies when you find that the food you have cooked is not well done or is burnt in some areas. You may feel tempted to place the blame on the burner or the skillet itself but the problem is that adjusting temperature is not as straightforward as it sounds. This electric skillet’s temperature control is easy to read and understand allowing you to get the perfection you deserve in the meals you make.

The non-skillet surface makes it easy to clean. This means that your cookware will look great and leave your food tasting fresh and great each time. Its ability to clean easily also eliminates all the flavors and odors from foods made previously. All you have to do is clean it with warm water and soap and dry it.

Steam can be dangerous to the cook if it is not removed from food safely. The safety vent does an amazing job of ensuring steam safely escapes the skillet as the food is cooking. It is big enough to ensure that the lid is intact as the food is cooking. The stay-cool handles make it easy to serve food and as you are stirring the food.

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Cuisinart CSK-250WS GreenGourmet 14-Inch Electric Skillet

This Cuisinart skillet comes with 30 recipes recipe book. You can use it to treat your family to tasty meals each day. You can also use it as a way to teach yourself new cooking techniques that will help you become a better chef.

With a 14-inch cooking surface, you have the space to let your ingredients simmer without popping out of the pan.

Once the probe is removed, this electric skillet is dishwasher safe. This means you can easily clean it and ensure that you make safe foods for yourself and your family. Easy to clean allow you to be sure that you are taking care of the nutrition and the health of those you cook for.

The problem we found with this electric skillet is the non-insulated handles. They can get really hot.

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Elite Platinum EG-6203 Electric Skillet

Elite Premium skillet is a must have electric skillet for a family of four to six people. It is huge, living up to its title “Jumbo” and at its 8-quart capacity it can fit almost anything. And the deep sides help fit oddly shaped food items.

The tempered glass lid is dishwasher safe and allows you to view the progress of cooking. The plastic handles remain considerably cool during cooking and the handles extend at the bottom to make the legs for standing the skillet. A drainage sprout at one side of the skillet is like a tiny notch for pouring off excess juices and gravy from the skillet.

The skillet has an M- shaped heating coil covering a large area of the bottom of the pan. It heats up evenly and provides superior heat distribution. The bottom of the skillet is made of a honeycombed non-stick surface. This makes cleaning up the skillet like a dream and prevents sticking of food. This also minimizes the abrasion and wearing away of the non-stick surface considerably.

It is an excellent purchase due to its large capacity, solid construction and great quality at almost half the prices of most high-end skillets. There are tons of cheaply made skillets that boast of cheaper prices and end up wearing away in a few months. Not this one though. Well-constructed and superior quality of materials makes this skillet durable. A lot of people grumble that only the lid is dishwasher safe but actually both the skillet and the lid are: it is always best to take a little time and wash skillets by hand for best results and longevity.

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DeLonghi BG45 Electric Skillet

DeLonghi lives up to its name and even exceeds its predecessors with this brilliant electric skillet. Packed with a hoard of functions, it is designed giving importance to functionality, design, and versatility, all of which is achieved at a very affordable price tag.

This black rectangular skillet is made out of aluminum and has a heating element embedded in the skillet for greater heat distribution. There is even heating and some places do heat up a little more but the skillet is engineered to prevent any food from burning or scorching. The non-stick lining at the bottom of the pan aids in this. It is also very easy to clean after cooking: even the most stubborn stains come off with just a little detergent. The temperature control is great with both high and low settings as well as a Warm Mode suitable for buffets, etc.

The plastic handles remain cool and form parts of the leg that holds the skillet. It doesn’t wobble and sits perfectly well on countertops as well as on dinner tables. With its stylish classic design, it works great for buffets and serves a large crowd. The capacity of the skillet is large: it can feed large families or prepare meals for parties.

It maintains a steady temperature without shutting off like some skillets. It may radiate some heat onto the countertop as well so it is recommended you use some kind of base to sit it. The tempered lid allows you to see the food inside and it fits snugly, preventing heat or flavors to escape. The lid also has an adjustable vent which you can open or close depending on whether you require letting off moisture or not.

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Presto 06620 11-Inch Skillet

The Presto company is well known for their pressure cookers, popcorn machines, deep fryers, and electric griddles. The Presto 06620 is one of the top rated skillets by the company. It has a lot of great features that make it a great buy for anyone looking for a great electric skillet.

If you do not have a big family to cook for but still need high-quality cookware in your kitchen, this electric skillet is perfect. It can make food for three which is great for company and when you need to make food that you can store for later. This cooking surface makes this mini skillet accessible and easy to mix in the food you are making. The lid is also deep which increases the cooking area. This means that you can easily cook a small chicken when you feel the need to do so.

This electric skillet has a funky modern design which could change the look of any kitchen. It also comes in an earthy neutral color that blends greatly with any decor choose and any colors used. If you are sensitive to the design and the color you put in your kitchen, this will be perfect.

The Presto 06620 11-Inch Skillet is designed with a removable electric plug. It, therefore, fits perfectly into the dishwasher and does not consume a lot of storage space. Perfect for any kitchen size.

Made of innovative plastic EverNu, Deluxe non-stick surface and built in North America, you are guaranteed that your nonstick surface is easy to clean, the cover won’t dent and that appropriate manufacturing measures were taken during manufacture.

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Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Skillet

The Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt is a multi-functional skillet that is just loved by most people. The package comes with two cooking plates: One plate for deep frying, a flat plate for grilling and a steaming plate. Zojirushi is a company whose goal is focused towards making new generation products that are stylish, beautiful, functional and easy to use. The company’s philosophy is centered towards making the lives of their consumers better through innovative technology both into the 21st century and beyond.

In the kitchen, one needs that one piece of equipment that beats all the others because you can use it for more than just one function. Unlike other electric skillets that can handle one task but do poorly in another task, the Zojirushi allows you to perform all the different cooking functions without having to strain too much. The package is conveniently packed with an electric frying pan and flat plate. For the modern kitchen, this is priceless. You can now deep fry meat or potatoes change the plate and steam your cabbages or other dishes.

You can choose temperatures between 176 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food warm or turn the heat up to as high as 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great feature that allows you to choose just how cooked you want your food to be.

You no longer have to lift the glass to see what is cooking underneath. The transparent glass lid allows you to see how your food is cooking. This is also healthy because your food will not require a lot of water to be added since it can cook with its own moisture. Without lifting the lid frequently, moisture is not lost into the air.

For safety reason, the stay cool handles are a great feature.

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Oster 16 Inch Electric Skillet

This heavy base electric skillet from Oster is a stunner and an attractive looking addition to your kitchenware collection. It is stylishly engineered giving priority to convenience. The best part of this skillet is its capacity. It is deep, rectangular and will fit in a large amount of food.

The non-stick coating is thick and great, for some products, more prone to flaking off after a few months of usage. If it lasts, however, it is excellent: it does not stick food or scorch it. The heat distribution is decent with food being cooked in a very short time. However, the unit tends to get much hotter in the sides than at the bottom. Also, during cooking, it sometimes makes a humming sound which is downright irritable if not dangerous.

The classic traditional look from Oster and the affordable price tag may seal the deal, but you might regret the decision in a few months’ time. The construction is solid and it is durable and sturdy if you ignore certain inherent cons the product has. The base and skillet can be put into the dishwasher but it is pretty heavy and bulky to fit into the sink.

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Aroma Housewares ASP-137

Most times frying and grilling come to mind whenever the word skillet pops up. However you don’t have to be limited to those choices when it comes to cooking with an electric one. Especially if you’d like to enjoy steamed food or even one pot meals. And it is all thanks to the versatile Aroma Housewares ASP-137 which will change the way you prepare your food, due to being really easy to operate and convenient to use.

This electric skillet comes with a removable temperature control probe which can be used to set its temperature to up to 450 F. It is also really safe to use since its outer surface will remain cool during use significantly reducing the risk of any unpleasant mishaps while it is being operated.

Most electric skillets are relatively inexpensive and come with a wide range of benefits. Hence it comes as no surprise that the Aroma ASP-137 is really affordable. As a result, it is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who would like to enjoy tasty, healthy food with a minimum of fuss.

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BELLA 12 x 12 Inch Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating

Could the BELLA 12 x 12 inch Electric Skillet, 1200 Watts 14607 be just what you need in this regard?

The special ceramic copper titanium coating used in the manufacture of this model is 8 times more durable than normal coating and capable of resisting temperatures of up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also impressively resistant to abrasion and is PTFE and PFOA safe.

Due to its rather impressive range of features which make it stand out from other electric skillets you might expect the BELLA to be really expensive. However it is far from being the case as it is really quite cheap and is averagely priced in comparison to the other appliances covered in this list. Its highly competitive price means it is an option anyone can benefit from without having to break the bank.

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MaxiMatic EFS-400 Elite Cuisine 7-Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet

This compact 7-inch electric skillet from MaxiMatic is perfectly suited for small servings. It has an adjustable temperature control switch for versatility when cooking and a removable locking handle to make cleaning easy. Its tempered glass lid features a cool-touch knob that makes it safe for you to work with even when temperatures are high. The surface is also non-stick for easy cleaning.

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What Is The Best Electric Skillet To Buy?

The electric skillets reviewed here are the best in the market going by what users are saying about them. Our team has also reviewed each one independently and is immensely satisfied with what they learned about each one of them. They offer you good value for money, and you will definitely not regret the purchase.

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